"Isn’t it madness, that I talk to myself about you?"

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"You look at me
with disappointment in your eyes
but i warned you
from the start
i really am not
good enough."


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"We spent two years devoting ourselves -some months more than others, and often not wholey enough - to each other. Two years loving one another in some sort of way, platonically, romantically, hatefully. Yes, you can love someone hatefully and it makes no god damn sense whatsoever unless you’re the person loving hatefully. We put up with a lot of sad, broken hearted, painful, sometimes funny, nauseating bullshit from each other. We rented a house and decorated it with too many candles and drawings on the bedroom walls, depicting what you believed me to be, and the one book shelf I had that was more a sanctuary for everything I love. We had so many drunk nights, laughing at each other, yelling at each other. There was the time I threw the picture frame at you. The wall is still chipped from that. I made you breakfast and you never cleaned your own dishes. We did all these things together for two years and now we have nothing to show for it, except me saying you’re still my best friend and you saying you hate me. We’ve always been polar opposites. I just want you to be happy and you just want me miserable without you. It’s a sad, sad thing to feel like a burden to someone you’ve spent so many days with. It’s sad to know this is where we’re stuck."

Two Years Later

"You were bad timing and bitter goodbyes when I was sheltered with the homeless and frozen to my hollowed bones.
You became spontaneity and the reason my lying tongue was force fed honesty, despite it’s defiance.
You are suns and moons of other planets and I am mystified by astronomy in it’s entirety.
Warm me on winter nights, keep me cool under summer’s sun, and I will watch your lungs fill with smoke for the lifetimes you allow."

Anonymous asked:
Are you dating a male or female now? What do you like about them? Are you in love with them?

I’m dating a guy. I don’t think I’d find much I don’t like about him. He’s polite and kind and opens doors for me. He’s sad, but functional and a perfect combination of the two, at that. He doesn’t crowd me, but he also doesn’t ignore me. He laughs at all the stupid things I say when I wish I hadn’t said them and doesn’t think I’m too weird for saying them. He plays the best songs on guitar and doesn’t move his arm from around me when he sleeps. He’s got great taste in music and movies and tv shows. We have ridiculous amounts of chemistry and compliment each other well, I think. No, I’m not in love with him, but I do think planet fulls of beautiful things about him, and that has to count for something.

Anonymous asked:
I see you're dating someone now

Wow. That’s kind of creepy that you know that. Yes, I am.